Excellent Internship Opportunity

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Excellent Internship Opportunity

Jan 25, 2022


Dear Scholars,

Here is an excellent internship opportunity. I will be happy to help you with the application. Contact me at 301-535-9620.

The UNCF K-12 Education Fellowship 2022 - African American Juniors can apply for this PAID 10-week leadership development program and internship at a K-12 school to work with youth in need of good mentoring & tutoring, and/or you will get good administrative experience; Application Deadline: THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, 1-28-22, 10:59 pm CST; 11:59 pm EST; Go to www.scholarships.uncf.org to apply.


  1. Essay (See guidelines below)
  2. Resume’
  3. Transcript
  4. Must be willing to re-locate in the summer if the program is not virtual; housing & travel expenses will be paid by UNCF; Internship Dates: May 25, 2022 – July 29, 2022
  5. Recommendation Letter from a Lane professor or administrator must be submitted online or emailed to k12fellow@uncf.org by Fri., 2-4-22.

Essay Guidelines - Pre-Essay-writing Steps:

  1. Look up the word, “reform.” Write down, and make sure you understand the meaning of that word.
  2. Look up the term, “school reform.” Take notes, and make sure you understand its meaning and take notes on examples of “school reform.”
  3. Read Articles that explain the state of the K-12 education sector in the U.S and why there are widespread calls for reform. Take notes on the articles, and make sure you have a good understanding of U.S. school reform.

Essay Topic Checklist:

  1. Describe your understanding of the K-12 education sector in America and why reform is needed in America's schools.
  2. Share why you're passionate about K-12 education and
  3. Share how you hope to positively impact the K-12 education sector.
  4. Make sure that your essay is no more than 500 words