Lane Man Awarded Second Straight UNCF Scholarship

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Lane Man Awarded Second Straight UNCF Scholarship

Jan 10, 2020


Jackson, Tenn. (February 1, 2020) - Lane College is pleased to announce that DeMarco Wimbish-Patton has been awarded the UNCF Doris & John Carpenter Scholarship for the second consecutive year.
The Madison, WI native is a sophomore majoring in sociology with aspirations of becoming a funeral director after graduation, a job that he said is very personal to him.

“I care about helping people who are grieving. My grandmother’s death was terrible for me," Wimbish-Patton said. "I was depressed and angry at God, but my mother taught me that everything happens for a reason and in God’s season. My season at Lane College is blessed.

During his time at Lane, he has raised his grade point average from a 1.9 to a 3.6. by getting to know my teachers, staying on top of reading assignments and asking questions in class. Lane’s caring faculty and staff are transforming my raw potential into real academic success.”