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Welcome Back

Jan 20, 2021


Dear Scholars,

Welcome back! It’s great to see you on campus and in the café wearing your masks.

I thank each of you for returning this spring with your negative COVID-19 test results. As you know, last semester, together, we drove our COVID positive numbers down to zero (0) for most weeks. I remind you that we achieved this by (1) practicing WWSS (wear your mask, wash your hands, social distance, and self-check); and (2) forming pods and staying within the Lane College bubble. Let’s do it again.

As a reminder, we will quarantine through February 1 when we will begin face-to-face classes.

In the spring 2021, let’s keep God number one, have some fun and hold on till the victory is won (especially, our graduating seniors!)

God bless each of you!

Logan Hampton