A Message From the President

"Grace, mercy, and peace will be with you from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love" (2 John 1:3).

Faith and reason are inextricably intertwined, in that whatever one is called and inspired to through faith, she or he must employ reason to bring it to fruition. Whenever one pursues rigorous education, faith is essential to sustain the scholar while matriculating, whatever the educational level, especially in the higher education environment. As students master their subjects, I believe that it is our responsibility to assist them in finding Christ, hearing their calling and preparing them to serve humanity.

In the early days of African American higher education, there was no separation between learning and worship or faith and intellect. Lane College with its unique "sacred history and commitment" to prepare lifelong learners and mission to "develop the whole student" affords each of us, faculty, staff and administration, the opportunity to employ our gifts, talents, and knowledge "for the equipping of..." students for their work in building the kingdom of God.

Historically, Lane College, founded in 1882 by a former slave, Bishop Isaac Lane of the Colored Methodist Church, was then and is now an educational institution especially situated to seek to enroll and educate those who may not otherwise have an opportunity to receive a higher education. Thus, it is our collective and individual task to develop a graduation strategy and plan, whereby each of us works to reach, recruit, retain and graduate our students.

Central to this graduation plan is an engaged and enlightened faculty ready to teach and coach, support and challenge, and inspire and hold accountable our geographically and academically diverse student body. Our administrators and staff join this effort by providing and supporting an excellent physical and socio-emotional environment and providing exceptional student services.

Through our collective efforts, praying and working together, we can assist our students in becoming expert lifelong learners, ready and set for a fast start and to finish strong at Lane College and in life. Then, it shall be noted of our students that each experienced and realized "The Power of Potential®", a power and potential that comes from God alone.

Go Dragons!

Grace, mercy and peace,

Logan Hampton, Ed.D.