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Business, Social and Behavioral Science

We help you to develop communication, technical, human relations, and analytical skills that helps you gain successful entrance in your career and/or professional and graduate endeavors. We offer majors in business administration, criminal justice, history, and sociology to help prepare you to further your training in graduate and professional schools, to successfully compete in the job market and to introduce and orient you in the development of your leadership skills, utilized in a dynamic and competitive environment.

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Liberal Studies and Education

Our division comprises the core of the liberal arts curriculum of the College, and includes the courses in languages, education, literature, music, art, drama, speech, communication arts, religion, and philosophy. We offer courses required of all students as well as courses in the major areas of English, French, mass communication, music, physical education, and Religion. We also offer minors in art, English, foreign languages, music, mass communication, physical education, and Religion.

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Natural and Physical Science

We are committed to promoting scientific, symphasizing the process, content, and interdisciplinary nature of these disciplines. In addition, we are also committed to providing you with the necessary courses for meeting the requirements of the general studies curriculum in the sciences. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to develop your maximum intellectual potential through a variety of curricular offerings.