Financial Aid SAP


What is Financial Aid?

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
is a policy required by Federal and State financial aid regulations for all students receiving financial assistance through these programs. The policy measures a student’s completion of coursework toward a degree and applies to students attending full-time and part-time in all degree seeking programs. All students must be in good academic standing (as defined by this policy) to be eligible for aid.  

Progress will be evaluated at the end of the Spring term. To ensure that students are making progress, the following requirements have been established:  

Key Terms:

  1. Academic Year – Fall, Spring, and Summer. 
  2. Attempted Hours – Any course that appears on the transcript. 
  3. Satisfactory Grades – A, B, C, D, and P. 
  4. Unsatisfactory Grades – W, WP (Withdrawal Passing), WF (Withdrawal Failing), F, FA (Failed due to Attendance), NC, or I. 
  5. Good Standing – all three standards have been met and no further action will be taken. 
  6. Suspension – at least one standard has not been met and the student is not eligible for Financial Aid. 
  7. Probation – the student has successfully completed an appeal and is eligible for aid during the term of probation.
  8. Academic Recovery Plan – a possible part of the Probation agreement to assist the student in meeting the standards. 

Financial Aid SAP 3 Standards


  1. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) - students must maintain the following CGPA to be considered making satisfactory progress.

    Total Attempted Hours

    Minimum CGPA





    60 & Above 


  2. Completion Rate – students must successfully complete 67% of all hours attempted. 
  3. Maximum Timeframe – students must complete their degree requirements within 150% of the time for the program. For example, most degrees require 124 credit hours x 150% maximum timeframe = 186 maximum credit hours. A student becomes ineligible for federal aid when it becomes mathematically impossible to complete the degree requirements within 150% of its length. 

Notes Related to Standards:

  1. Repeat courses will be evaluated consistent with the academic standards of the College. 
  2. All transferable credits will be counted toward the maximum number of hours allowed to be eligible for financial aid. Satisfactory progress will be evaluated at the end of the first academic year attended at Lane College. 
  3. All coursework appearing on the Lane College transcript will be included in the evaluation process regardless of a change in major. 

Financial Aid Spring Review Results

SAP Review

SAP is reviewed annually at the end of the Spring term for all financial aid recipients to ensure that they meet the required standards. Students who meet the standards outlined above are in Good Standing and will not be notified. Students who do not meet the standards outlined above will be notified by email to their Lane College email address. 

Students on FA SAP Suspension may appeal for a few reasons

Financial Aid Suspension 

  1. Students who fail to meet any of the above standards will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension. 
  2. Financial Aid Suspension does not prevent students from enrolling if: 
  3. the student has an alternative method of payment and 
  4. if the student meets the academic requirements to enroll. See the Academic Good Standing Policy and Sanctions section for details. 

The Appeal process


Students placed on Financial Aid Suspension may appeal to the SAP Appeal Committee for the following reasons: 

  1. serious illness or accident related to the student; 
  2. death, accident, or serious illness in the immediate family (parent/guardian or sibling); and/or 
  3. other extenuating circumstances directly affecting academic performance. 

Appeal Process

  1. Students must submit a completed SAP Appeal Form to the Office of Financial Aid. The SAP Appeal Form will be sent to the student. 
  2. Students must attach all necessary supporting documents to the form. 
  3. Completed SAP Appeals will be reviewed within two weeks of submission. 
  4. Students will be notified in writing of the Committee’s decision to approve or deny the Appeal. All decisions are final. 

Financial Aid SAP Policy and Appeal Process 07 Financial Aid SAP Policy and Appeal Process 08

Reinstatement of Financial Aid

  1. A student with an approved appeal will be granted one semester of Financial Aid Probation and will be eligible to receive financial aid. An Academic Recovery Plan designed to address the deficiencies related to the standards will be developed. Eligibility will be reviewed at the end of the term of probation. Students must meet either all standards or meet the terms of their Academic Recovery Plan. Students not meeting the standards or terms may appeal again if new extenuating circumstances have occurred. 
  2. A student who is removed from financial aid and whose appeal has been denied may be eligible to have their financial aid reinstated if they enroll without federal financial aid and reestablish the minimum progress standards or the terms of the previously established Academic Recovery Plan. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the Office of Financial Aid if the requirements have been met. 

For assistance, contact Kelly Boyd at

Tips for Writing a Successful Appeal

 You have the right to appeal your Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Suspension. Before you submit an appeal take a look at the tips for writing a successful appeal. These tips do not guarantee your appeal will be approved, but they will definitely help.

  1. Before you begin writing your appeal letter, ask yourself:
    a. What caused me to not meet the standards?
    b. What has changed that will increase the likelihood that I will meet the standards?
    c. Do I have the documentation to support my appeal?
  2. Be honest with yourself and the FA SAP Appeal Committee. Is there pertinent information that they need to know (Spring grades improved, change of major, housing change, etc.)
  3. Make sure your letter is properly formatted with date, name, student ID, subject line, etc. See the sample letter in this section.
  4. Have someone proofread your appeal letter. Your Office 365 Word app has an edit feature that can help as well.

Sample Letter

Date: June 1, 2020 (use the date you submitted the form)

Name: John Q. Student

Student ID: A0000XXXXXX

RE: Financial Aid SAP Appeal for Fall 2021 (use the upcoming term)

Dear Appeal Committee:

In your first paragraph, briefly introduce yourself. Tell the committee your name, classification, and major. This is a good opportunity to share your future goals and aspirations. Do not forget that a paragraph should contain 4-5 complete sentences. Do not use slang.

In your second paragraph, explain what caused you not to meet the standard(s). Simply saying you had a rough semester will not work. You need to provide as much detail as possible. The Financial Aid SAP Appeal process is confidential. Your information will not be shared with anyone outside of the committee, so be detailed.

In this paragraph, you will need to explain what has changed or improved. You want to assure the committee that you have handled the challenges and are ready to improve your academic performance. If you have already shown improvement, this is a suitable place to mention it. Again, details matter. This is a confidential matter, and the Appeal Committee will be the only people who see it.

In your closing paragraph, thank the committee for their time. Let them know the supporting documentation you have submitted so they are aware of what to look for. You do not want them to miss anything that may help strengthen your appeal. Do not forget to upload your supporting documentation.


John Q. Student

Now that you are prepared to complete the Financial Aid SAP Appeal process, click the link below. The appeal will be open from May, 1, 2024-September 30, 2024

Click Here to Appeal

For more information, contact