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From Memphis
Take I-40 East to Jackson, TN
Exit at 82-A (Highland Avenue South)
Stay on Highland Avenue South to Lane Avenue (Travel through 9 traffic lights/approx. 2 miles)
Two blocks beyond the 9th traffic light turn left onto Lane Avenue
Continue to campus entrance

From Nashville
Take 1-40 West to Jackson, TN
Exit at 82-A (Highland Avenue South)
Stay on Highland Avenue South to Lane Avenue (Travel through 9 traffic lights/approx. 2 miles)
Continue to campus entrance

From 1-55 to Dyersburg, TN
From Dyersburg, take Highway 412 to Jackson, TN
Turn left off Highway 412 onto Parkway and continue to Highland Avenue South (Travel through 3 traffic lights),
Turn right onto Highland Avenue South
Stay on Highland Avenue South to Lane Avenue (Travel through 9 traffic lights/approx. 2 miles)
Two blocks beyond the 9th traffic light turn left onto Lane Avenue
Continue to campus entrance

From Highway 45 South
Off Highway 45 turn right onto Royal Street (North)
Continue on Royal Street (Travel through 8 traffic lights) to Lane Avenue
At the 9th light (Lane Avenue), turn right
Continue to campus entrance


(1) J.K Daniels Conference Center
This historic facility houses two large conference rooms, and the offices of Academic Assessment, Institutional Advancement, and Institutional Research.

(2) Central Heating Plant
This historic building, originally constructed in 1909, is scheduled for major renovation and conversion into a museum/visitors center.

(3) J.F. Lane Health, Physical Education, And Recreation
This building includes classroom, offices, an Olympic size swimming pool, a modern weight room, and a large gymnasium.

(4)James Allen Bray Administration Building
The administrative offices of the president Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Business & Finance, Admissions, Financial Aid, and the Register are located in this building. The building also contains eight multipurpose classrooms on the first floor.

(5) T.F Saunders Hall
This Facility hoses TRIO Program Offices, and foreign languages, art, and communication laboratories. It also houses staff offices, and faculty offices.

(6) O.L and Minnie Greer Armour Science & Education Building
This building was complete in 1969. It contains the teacher education resource center, technology lab, classrooms, science laboratories, faculty offices, and the information technology work areas.

(7) William H Graves Hall
Built in 1968 this residence facility houses male students.

(8) L.J Berry Music Hall
Built in 2010, this hall serves as a music building. It contains faculty offices/studios, classrooms, practice rooms, band and choir rehearsal rooms, and and choral libraries, and listening room.

(9) Herman Stone, Jr. Hall
This Building houses the switchboard/mail room, classrooms, and chemistry and computer laboratories.

(10) J.A Hamlett Hall
Built in 1971, this residence facility houses females.

(11) N.C Cleaves Hall
Built in 1923, this residence facility houses female students.

(12) Kirkendoll Student Center
This center serves as one of the focal points of social life. It houses the fitness center, student government offices. Counseling center, office of career planning and placement, and computer stations for 100 student, study carrels, and a quiet space for leisure and socializing.

(13) B. Julian Smith Hall
Built in 1963 this resident facility houses male students.

(14) Chamber McClure Academic Center
This facility contains 48,000 square feet of space for the main library and archives, classrooms, and technology centers/laboratories. The structure also includes a 12,000 square foot auditorium and second-floor balcony, with a seating capacity of 650.

(15) Phillips Hall
Newly built in 2007 and expanded in 2009, this facility serves as the central dining hall and seats 800 students.

(16) J.T. Beck Apartment
This is an eight- unit structure with apartments for temporary housing for staff.

(17) Mary Johnson Lane House
This Building serves as the reception center for major events and lodging for specil guests. It was renovated in 1994

(18) Health Center
The health center provides services and support to meet the general health care needs of students.

(19) The Lighthouse

(20) Campus Center
This 8,000 square foot facility was acquired in 1996, and is now the primary social hub of the campus, housing games and film equipment. The Center is used by students for dances, movies, and other recreational events.

(21) P.R.Shy Hall
This building houses wellness program and the college’s radio Statio, 98.7 WLCD ( Wonderful Lane College Dragons)

(22) The Water Tower Place
Built before the turn of 20th century, this facility was acquired in 1996. It has space to service various community based projects, including a business incubator. It also houses the campus bookstore, the copy center, the cyber café, and a conference room.

(23) Amenities Building
This most recent capital addition to the college was completed in summer 2010 and houses general fitness and recreational facilities for students, faculty, and staff

(24) Football Field
The campus football field is used for practice sessions by the football team. Additionally outside basketball and tennis courts are available for recreational use by students.

(25) Physical Plant Building
This building houses all equipment, offices, and vehicles for the physical Plant Staff.

(26) Security Station
This building is located in Saunders Hall No. (5)

(27) Orchards Hall
Built in 2007, this residence facility houses female students.

(28) Edens Hall
Built in 2007, this residence facility houses male students.

(29) Alumni Hall
Built in 2008 this residence facility houses male students.

(30) Millenium Hall
This 65,000 square foot facility houses academic programs in science and business. This State-of-art building contains 13 class/lecture rooms equipped with the latest audio-visual technology, six special purpose laboratories (two biology labs, two chemistry lab, and a computer science lab.) Faculty offices and administrative offices for the division of natural and physical sciences and business and social and behavioral sciences.

(31) Harper Hall
Built in 2009 this facility houses male students

(32) Jeanie E Lane Hall
Built in 2009 this residence facility houses female students.

Aquired in 2009, this residence facility houses female students.

Lane Field
The 2,500-seat stadium is home to Lane College Dragons Football Team. The stadium was secured through a gift from the city of Jackson to the College in 2009.

Storage Building
This storage building was designed for multipurpose used to store and access larger items.