Transfers and Readmission


Transfer Student

Students transferring from regionally accredited institutions of higher learning are encouraged to apply to Lane College. The applicant must be in good standing in conduct and academics with the institution previously attended and eligible to return to that school. Students who transfer will be awarded credit for all courses which parallel the Lane College curriculum, and for which a grade of “C” or higher was earned.

A maximum of 68 semester hours (102 quarter hours) will be accepted as transfer credit.

Transfer students must submit the following:

  1. A completed Application for Admission; Click for Online Application
  2. An official transcript of academic course work from ALL colleges or universities attended. (Students currently enrolled must submit a partial transcript. A final transcript must be submitted upon completion of coursework.)
  3. A transfer student with fewer than 15 credit hours must submit an official high school transcript in addition to official copies of ACT or SAT scores.
  4. A Transfer Recommendation Form from the Dean of Students of the most recent institution attended.
    ( Download the Transfer Recommendation Form here )
  5. Letter of Activity must be submitted for anyone who has been out of school for one or more semesters.
  6. ACT/SAT scores optional.


All candidates applying for readmission to the College must submit an Application for Admission ( Click for Online Application). Indicate on the application that you are a “Re-Admit.” Any former student who has attended another college since last attending Lane College MUST apply as a transfer student.

Students readmitted after an absence beyond seven (7) years may not receive credit for all courses previously taken at Lane College. Each student’s academic record will be reviewed and the number of credit hours to be counted toward the student’s current program requirements will be determined and communicated to the student by the advisor.

A decision on readmission will be made by the Admissions Review Committee. The process will take a minimum of 7-10 working days. Applications for readmission will not be accepted fourteen (14) days prior to registration. Applicants for readmission will be advised of the decision in writing. Applicants who are denied readmission may submit a written appeal to the Admission and Recruitment Committee.

The College reserves the right to refuse readmission to any applicant whose re-entry is judged not to be in the best interests of the College. The College may exercise this right regardless of the qualifications of the applicant.

Please note, additional information may be requested by the Admissions Review Committee. Also, any deliberate omission or falsification of information on the Application for Admission may result in denial of admission or dismissal.

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