MGT 210: Principles of Management
3 Credits
This course will provide an introduction to the basic concepts of management and organizations. Core areas of study will include the basic functions of management: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.
Prerequisite: ENG 131. F/S (A)

MGT 220: Managerial Communications
3 Credits
The purpose of this course is to provide students with a conceptual framework and specific tools for communicating in complex business environments and accomplishing strategic academic and professional business goals. This core course provides writing, oral and collaborative skills necessary for future business courses, internships, and professional positions as well as fundamentals in both oral and written business communications. The application of grammar, syntax, and style of various forms of business communication are introduced including organizational communication, persuasion, and interviewing. .
Prerequisite: ENG 132. Offered: F/S (A)

MGT 230: Introduction to Business Modeling and Decision Analysis
Credits 3
Description: The course will provide students with spreadsheet knowledge that is essential for applications in accounting, finance, management, marketing, and production operations. Students will learn how to develop spreadsheet models for business analysis including cash flow, budget allocation, resource planning, pricing, and advertisement.
Prerequisite- NONE

MGT 250: Management for Healthcare Organizations
Credits 3
Description: This course is an overview of the health care delivery systems in the United States. It is designed to acquaint beginning health care management students with the social, political, economic, demographic, and technological forces that shape the structure, operation, and outcomes of the United States health care system.
Prerequisite- MGT 210, MGT 220

MGT 340: Management of Technology
Credits 3
Description: This course links the business management with many areas of technology; such as mechanical, electrical, computer science, and information technology. The scope of the course is to imbed these areas of technology in each stage of new product life cycle and service development. This course let the students have hands – on - skill for managing technical business and projects including product and service design with all technical aspects during product life cycle, as well as optimizing their sequence of operations. The course also covers the required stages that involve in the development of new products and adding values to existing ones. In this course, the students get knowledge on the design phase and the manufacturing processes for a wide variety of products and services.
Prerequisites- MGT 210 , MGT 320

MGT 480: Business Policy
3 Credits
This course will provide an integrative learning experience through the presentation of advanced material and study of administrative policy cases. It will also provide insight into administrative processes in conditions of uncertainty. The total organizational environment, including social, economic, ethical, political and technological influences, will be assessed. This the capstone course for all business majors.
Seniors Only, Offered: F/S (A)

MGT 420: Human Resource Management
3 Credits
This course investigates management, procurement, development, maintenance, compensation, and utilization of an effective workforce. It also provides insight into a variety of functions considered essential to the personnel function of institutions, including: job analysis, recruiting, selection, motivation, training, evaluation, and career development. Special attention is paid to federal hiring requirements and the issues of health and safety.
Prerequisites: MGT 210 and MGT 220- Offered: S