A MAJOR in chemistry requires 42 CREDIT HOURS

Credit hours to be completed in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Ten (10) 4-credit hour courses; and two (2) 1-credit hour seminars as indicated on the curriculum chart. Chemistry majors may select a minor from one of the following areas: (1) biology; (2) mathematics; (3) physics; or (4) computer science. Courses required for a minor are listed under requirements for each area.

A MINOR in chemistry requires 16 CREDIT HOURS

16 credit hours of chemistry with a minimum grade of ā€œCā€ in each course. The required courses are: CHE 141, CHE 142, CHE 243, and CHE 244.


Students graduating with degrees in Chemistry will:

  • 1. Apply principles and theories of chemistry.
  • 2. Develop habits of accurate notation and evaluation of laboratory data.
  • 3. Become successful in graduate and professional schools, and careers in the industry and teaching profession.
  • 4. Understand and develop an appreciation of the significance of chemical phenomena in our daily lives.
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Ready for the next step?