A MAJOR in mathematics requires 38 CREDIT HOURS

Including 20 in mathematics (exclusive of MAT130, MAT125/126/133 and MAT 136/140), six (6) in computer science (exclusive of CSC132), and twelve (12) elective credit hours, as indicated in the curriculum chart. MAT130, MAT125/126/133, MAT 136/140, and CSC 132 do not count toward the mathematics major.

A MINOR in mathematics requires 18 CREDIT HOURS

Minors in mathematics are required to complete eighteen (18) semester hours, exclusive of MAT130, MAT125/126/133 and MAT 136/140. All mathematics minors must take the following courses: MAT 240, MAT 241, and MAT 341. The remaining six (6) hours may be selected from courses in the mathematics and/or physics curriculum, approved by the mathematics faculty.


Students graduating with degrees in Mathematics will:

  • 1. Understand the fundamental concepts of mathematics necessary for functioning effectively in society.
  • 2. Demonstrate the understanding and skills necessary to gainfully use mathematics in business, industry, and government.
  • 3. Emphasize the importance of mathematics in research and its use as a computational tool in the sciences.
  • 4. Be competitive for careers in mathematics, and graduate and professional schools.
Ready for the next step?

Ready for the next step?