New Faculty Library Orientation



Circulation Services:

The Circulation and Reserves Desk is located on the 2nd floor of the library in the Chambers-McClure Academic Center (CMAC). Staff can assist you in locating and borrowing materials. A valid Lane College Library I.D. card is needed to borrow any materials.

Faculty members have borrowing privileges without charge.

Reference books, journals, newspapers and other non-book materials such as microfilm, microfiche do not circulate.

Lost/Damaged items:

If materials are lost and /or damaged, the current price of the material plus $5.00 processing fee will be charged to the patrons.

Reference Services:

The Reference Desk is located on the 2nd floor of the library in the Chambers-McClure Academic Center (CMAC). Reference Librarians will assist faculty in locating materials, searching databases and in researching topics.

An online reference request form can be accessed at the library web site. If faculty members have questions, they can use the form to ask brief, factual reference questions, email reference librarians, or call reference librarians at 731-426-7565, 731-426-7593. For more advanced research, faculty members are welcome to librarians’ offices, librarians are happy to help with their questions.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL):

Lane College library supports the research needs of the students of Lane College by borrowing books and obtaining articles from other libraries, both academic and public.

Lane College faculty may, after a thorough search of the library’s resources, borrow from other libraries in the West Tennessee Academic Library Consortium (WeTALC), and are subject to the rules governing those libraries. Faculty also may fill in ILL Form to request materials not found in these WeTALC libraries. Should you have a question concerning your request, please contact the librarians, and we will be happy to assist you. Books and other monographs may take up to 2 weeks to receive.



  1. First check the Lane College Library online catalog to see if the book is owned by the library.
  2. Search in WorldCat to find books in other libraries that may be available via Interlibrary Loan.
  3. Use an interlibrary loan form if the book is not in the library online catalog.


  1. First check the periodicals list, which is available at the circulation desk, by title and publication date of the journal/magazine/newspaper at the circulation desk or the library online catalog to see if the library owns the item you need.
  2. Use interlibrary loan form if the library does not own the journal/magazine/newspaper for the date you want.

An ILL books request form and an ILL article request form can be accessed at the library website, or at the circulation desk. When you make ILL request, please give as much bibliographic information as possible to reduce or eliminate the need for clarification, and you must put your address where you may be contacted when the material arrives. Once your request has been processed, you can expect to receive your material within 10 days. You will be noticed when your materials arrives. Faculty must pay any fees charged by the lending library.

XEROX Copy Machine:

A self-service copy machine is located on the 2nd floors in the library. Faculty may make up to 10 free copies each time. If faculty have difficulties using the machine, the librarians and library assistants will be happy to help.

If faculty has more than 10 copies, or multi copies to make, they are encouraged to use the college’s Copy Center located in the Archives Building (731-426-1703).



The library provides access to 14,584 electronic books. Please read the handout “How to access Lane College E-Books”. A resources search guide is available on the Lane College Library web site.


The Library provides access to EBSCO, Access World News, Gale, Facts on File, Infotrac, Commercial Appeal, Credo Reference, and Tennessee Electronic Library databases. Please read the handout “How to access E-databases."

EBSCO hosts full-text articles from scholarly journals, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and trade publications as well as books and book reviews. EBSCOhost is a great place to start your research as this database covers a wide range of topics from the hard sciences, business, social and behavioral sciences, humanities, and fine arts.

Jstor offers full-text, digital versions of books and academic journals primarily in the Humanities and Social Sciences. There are also journals in the hard sciences.

Infotrac contains approximately 50 different sub-databases most of which can be searched at the same time. These databases span a very wide range of topics such as religion, criminal justice, physical therapy, career help, and literature. Each database hosts content like full-text academic journals, essays, summaries, and original content.

Tennessee Electronic Library hosts a wide range of content including magazines, scholarly journals, podcasts, videos, eBooks, test prep materials, federal census records, and more in every subject imaginable.

Gale databases contain 130,856 indexed periodicals, of which 88,048 are full-text. Gale Databases can be accessed through TEL or Infotrac.

Credo Reference contains background information on your topic from hundreds of full-text general and subject-specific reference titles, 500,000+ images and audio files, and over 1,000 videos.

World News Digest contains 5 sub-databases: African-American History which contains images, articles, primary resources, and videos focusing on African-American history; InfobaseBooks which contains eBooks covering a range of subjects including Literature Criticism and Reference, Multicultural Studies, Religion and Philosophy, and more; Issues & Controversies which has pro and con arguments for current societal issues; Today's Science which has condensed academic articles and resources covering topics in math and science; and World News Digest which has news articles and essays on both historical and current events from around the world.

Commercial Appeal directs users to Access World News' log of the Commercial Appeal newspaper from Memphis, TN allowing you to quickly find local news.

Access World News provides access to newspaper articles from around the world. The search tools on this site allow you to pinpoint articles about your topic by geographic region, publication, date, and more.

The on-line reference search section of the library's website provides additional electronic support of the academic programs. Refer to our Citation Styles page for information on how to write in APA, MLA, ASA, and Chicago style.

Online Catalog:

The library has holdings of 108,212 print books. In order to locate a print book in the library, faculty will learn to search online catalog through LibraryWorld.

Please read the hand out “How to search for a print book in the library from Online Catalog”. Library holdings information can be accessed by basic searching (author, title, subject, and key word) and advance searching.

Print Periodicals:

The periodical collection housed in the library on the 3rd floor of the Chambers-McClure Academic Center consists of newspapers, current/bound editions of weekly, monthly, and quarterly scholarly journals, and magazines covering all spectrums of the curriculum. A list of all periodicals is posted in the periodical room, located on the 3rd floor of the library, and at the circulation desk. Periodicals are for library use only.

Print Books:

Lane College Library print books are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System. The Contemporary Collection, the Negro Heritage Collection, the Reference Collection, and the Teacher Education Curriculum Lab are located on the 2nd floor and house the most recent materials acquired by the library.

The Research Collection, located on the 3rd floor, consists of books with older publication dates for research purposes. All books are arranged and shelved in Dewey Classification number order, clearly labeled on the spine with a call number, and are accessible in an open-stack environment for all patrons.


Reserved Textbooks:

Faculty will need to submit the current titles of the textbooks they will teach to the College Bookstore, and indicate that five copies of the textbook are needed to keep in the library for reserved textbooks for students’ usage. The library keeps five copies of most the current textbooks behind the circulation desk. These books allow students who can not purchase their own textbooks to keep up with their assigned readings. As with all reserve materials, these textbooks may only be read inside the library.

When students borrow the reserved textbooks at the circulation desk, the student will complete a reserve slip with his/her name and date. The slip will then be attached to the student’s ID and held at the circulation desk until the item is returned.


Faculty may place the books from the library shelves on reserve, or their own books, and book chapters, journals, to their course reserves site for students to do special assignments for their classes.

Faculty will complete a “Reserve Request Form”, available at the circulation desk, which will indicate the name of the instructor, the name of the course, the title of the item, the author of the item, how long this item will be held in reserve. If the item belongs to Lane College Library, please provide the Call Number of the item.

If a faculty wishes to place materials on reserve for more than one class, the faculty will complete a Reserve Request Form” for each class.

Reserve materials will not be taken from the library without prior arrangement with instructors and professors.

Online Media Equipment Reservation:

The Online Media Equipment Reservation Form is available at the library web site. If faculty members want to reserve media equipment to use for classes, they can fill in the online media equipment form 24 hours ahead of time, library staff members will deliver equipment to their classrooms.


The Lane College Media Center is housed on the 2nd floor of the library in the Chambers-McClure Academic Center. The Media Center provides academic materials in a variety of audio/visual formats (DVDs, videocassettes, CDs, CD-ROMs, etc.) as well as media equipment for audio and video productions and presentations for instructional purposes.


Faculty members may check out laptops to use for their classes, however, faculty need to sign the “Lane College Faculty Laptop Lending Program Checkout Agreement”. In the case of laptops, the improper, careless, negligent, or destructive use or operation of equipment can result in the employee being responsible for the full cost of repair/replacement of the laptops. The length of time that a faculty member may check out a laptop will not exceed one semester. IT staff members perform regular maintenance on each laptop once each semester. Other periodic updates may be required. Faculty may request additional service on the laptops through the IT Help Desk.

LCD Projectors:

Faculty members may check out LCD projectors to use for their classes. The length of time that a faculty member may check out a LCD projector will not exceed one semester.


The library collection development process is a collaborative effort between the librarians and the faculty who have subject area expertise. In an effort to continue to enrich the Lane College Library collection, every year the library invites the faculty members to prepare and submit requests for new books, journals, DVDs, CDs and videotapes that will support the Lane College curricula.

Publishers’ catalogs are available in the library technical services room. Also faculty members may use their own subject catalog resources.

All requests must include: author, title, publisher, ISBN, year, and the price.

Orders are accepted at anytime and will be processed as recommended by Vice president for Academic Affairs, and approved by President Wesley Cornelious McClure.


The Lane College Library/Learning Resource Center is a member of the West Tennessee Academic Library Consortium (WeTALC), a resource-sharing program with other member libraries throughout the state.

Click the button below to view a list of institutions that have agreed to share their respective collections. Faculty with current Lane College IDs can use and borrow books from these libraries in accordance with the policies and regulations of the respective libraries



Ms. Lan Wang - Head Librarian | 731-426-7593 |

Julianna Waynick - Associate Librarian | 731-426-7565 |

Ms. Tracy Dalton - Catalog Librarian | 731-426-6608 |



Monday-Thursday: 8: 00 am – 11:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday: 12:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sunday: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Monday - Friday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Faculty members are welcome to come to the librarians’ offices where we cover everything from library services, finding resources in the library, and evaluating information or your questions about the library, or librarians can visit your office to introduce library services and resources.